Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Challenging Myself (again)

Ok, there must be a 12 step program out there for these challenges - I love them and can't seem to get enough . . . kind of like books - even though I am not finished with what I have, I want more! But I did complete another challenge . . . The Memorable Memoirs Reading Challenge hosted by Melissa of The Betty and Boo Chronicles!

Over the past few years, I have discovered that I really enjoy a well-written memoir so I was excited to see this challenge come up this year! Check out the review page - there are a lot of great memoirs linked there - I know I will be going back to check them out! Here is what I read for the challenge (with links to reviews):

Bitter is the New Black
by Jen Lancaster - I love her snarky humor and spent part of my vacation by a pool laughing out loud while reading this one!

I'll Know It When I See It
by Alice Carey - this memoir tells the story of a first generation NY daughter of Irish parents who ultimately moves back to Ireland as an adult to purchase and restore a home.

Undress Me in the Temple of Heaven
by Susan Jane Gilman - I love to travel so any memoir about travel is a real draw for me. I love the humor in this one as Gilman recounts her travels through China after college with a friend on the verge of a mental breakdown. I will definitely read this author's other books!

Somewhere Inside by Laura and Lisa Ling - this recently published memoir tells the story of Laura Ling's capture and imprisonment in North Korea and her sister, Lisa Ling's, tireless work to get her released.

New Challenge Sign-Ups

So I know my reading of memoirs will not stop at the 4 listed above for the Memorable Memoirs Challenge so I have also decided to join The Non-Fiction Five Challenge which asks you to read 5 works of non-fiction between May 1 2010 and Sept 30 2010; the other twist is that one work needs to be different from the other 4 (for example, 4 memoirs and one self-help) - I like how that stipulation promotes a little diversity in my non-fiction reading!

I have also decided to join Jill at Fizzy Thoughts's World Party Challenge. This challenge runs from April 2010-April 2011 - twelve months in which each month will feature a country and you read a book from that country. Jill also has them cleverly themed around little known holidays in that month that relate to the chosen country. I am a little late in getting on board so I will have to go back to France which was April's selection but I did read a book from/set in a communist country in May. Hopefully I will stay on track from here . . . .


  1. I think the self-help program for challenges is in the room right next to the self-help program for buying too many books. None of us has ever been able to find the building, though! Good luck.

  2. LOL! I'm laughing at Nicole's comment!! I just stop reading about challenges until I get far into the ones I'm working on. :)

    oh - and you asked abt my lobster obsession? see: http://bkclubcare.wordpress.com/2009/10/19/new-books-in-the-house-new-books-in-the-house-and-where-i-continue-to-procrastinate-on-reviews/

  3. great challenges! i didn't even know about the memorable memoir challenge. i've just recently became a lover of memoirs so i'm definitely going to check that out and see what other memoirs i should be reading. i've just finished reading bitter is the new black last week and had the same response as you. i couldn't stop laughing to myself.

    good luck with all of the challenges!

  4. Yay! So glad you're jopining the party. :-D

  5. I'm so glad that you commented on my blog, so I could find yours. Loving it! These challenges look fun. I'm especially interested in the book Bitter is the New Black, but I'm adding them all to my reading list. Good luck with your new challenge!

  6. I am not a frequent reader of memoirs, but I listened to Undress Me in the Temple of Heaven and became quite absorbed in it.

  7. LOL, Nicole! so true.
    I love Jen Lancaster's books so much. So, so funny.

  8. I love a good reading challenge myself! Congrats on finishing the memoirs challenge - I too love memoirs. I'm doing the non-fiction five challenge so I'll be looking for your reviews :)

  9. At least you finished a challenge before you signed up for more!

  10. Challenges are the best, aren't they? I'm trying to take it easy on them this year, but my willpower will hold out only so long!