Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bloggiesta: Wrap Up Post

What a blogging weekend!  It was Bloggiesta hosted by Natasha at Maw Books Blog  -
she has once again been the fabulous host of this event bringing more than 160 book bloggers together to work on their blogs and share information and tips!

Here is what I set out to accomplish this weekend:
  • Assess blog and set goals for the Blog Improvement Project Challenge hosted by Kim of Sophisticated Dorkiness and Jackie of Farm Lane Books
  • Back-Up My Blog - this was surprisingly easy
  • Finish some posts that I can use in the future   - I didn't finish as many as I would have liked but did get some key ones finished
  • Get a gravatar (actually did this one last night)
  • Finding and showing off the best content - I always find it hard to "toot my own horn" but I did identify the following as my "best" posts: (let me know what you think!)
  • Analyze/grade my blog  I got an 89 which is up from 37 when I did it during the last Bloggiesta 6 mos ago!  I was so excited!
  • Organize the feed reader
  • Participate in the commenting mini-challenge by Cass at Bonjour Cass 
  • Nail a post template to make future posts easier - DNF
  • Expand review policy beyond "What I Don't Read" - DNF
  • Explore Stats further (I use histats but want to check out google analytics to see if it tells me something different - "data, baby, data") - I looked into google analytics but panicked when they asked me to paste code into my blog so I decided to further analyze what I had from :)
All in all, this has been a VERY productive weekend  - I spent approximately 26 hours (wow!) on Bloggiesta activities.  I am so glad I got to participate in another Bloggiesta! Now  . . . siesta-time!

PS  - Don't forget about my Bloggiesta Giveaway - it ends at 8 am tomorrow (Monday 6/14)


    1. Wow, you did accomplish a lot, and some of these are tasks that I didn't even backing up the blog, or anything to do with stats!

      I would like to know how to add the gravatar to blogger...last time, there was a post with instructions, but I couldn't find it this time.

      I did them on Word Press last time, and I was working on a Word Press blog again, so it kind of slipped my mind.

      Here's my wrap-up post:

    2. great wrap up! you got a lot accomplished! hmmm i should analyze my blog, but i'm sure i'll get a really low score. congrats on the 89!

    3. You got a lot done! Yours was one of the blogs that for some reason I couldn't get to "mark as read" on my Google reader and I had to unfollow. So if I'm coming and going, it just means I still haven't figured out the glitch. Good job on raising that score! I think once you're over 80, you've done a good job--some of the stuff they want you to do is just not worth taking the time as far as I can tell.

    4. That's awesome about your blog grade going up. You've made some awesome improvement. I love your wrap up. Thanks for participating in Bloggiesta again. Hope to do it again in January!

    5. You did a great job! I also love the look of your blog.

    6. I failed to accomplish everything on my bloggiesta list, but I hope to get to more of it this week. You did a great job!

    7. It's definitely siesta time! You've earned it.

    8. You were really productive! Your blog looks great! You mentioned backing up your blog - can you tell me how you did that? I definitely need to do that as well. Thanks!

    9. Looks like you did a fabulous job! Congrats!

    10. That is amazing! You definitely got a lot done during the event. Congratulations on accomplishing so much! (BTW, I know I already said this but I LOVE your blog design. It is so cute!)