Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bloggiesta Starting Line - (AKA Day 2 for everyone else!)

Ok - Bloggiesta started yesterday but here I am at the Starting Line on Day 2 - I had to travel out of town unexepectedly for work yesterday and couldn't get on line - but I am here now and ready to blog away the day!

I participated in my first Bloggiesta (read about it here) in January and I learned so much over those 3 days! Since my blog was new (only about 1 month old), I was sponge just soaking up all the information from my more experienced fellow bloggers. However, what I enjoyed most about my first bloggiesta was the introduction to the wonderful community of book bloggers.

So now that my blog is a ripe 6 months old, I want to spend this Bloggiesta taking things up a notch and focusing on tasks that were too overwhelming when I was brand new to blogging. During last Bloggiesta, I pined over everyone's well designed blogs and tried to make some layout changes but since I recently acquired a new design (thanks to Staci from Blogging Bella Designs) I won't need to work on that this time and am going to focus on content. Here is what I would like to accomplish:

  • Back-Up My Blog
  • Finish some posts that I can use in the future (Day 2 update - in progress)
  • Nail a post template to make future posts easier
  • Get a gravatar (actually did this one last night)
  • Finding and showing off the best content
  • Analyze/grade my blog (eek - I did this last time and the results were abysmal!)
  • Organize the feed reader
  • Participate in the commenting mini-challenge by Cass at Bonjour Cass (I did this last time and I learned about some GREAT blogs!)


  1. Good luck on your goals and welcome to your first Bloggiesta! I know what you mean about the grading your blog. My first time was so sad. Luckily at the last Bloggiesta my grade went up :)

  2. This is my first Bloggiesta. I'm way behind on my to do list so this comes at the right time for me. I hope you're productive this weekend. I love your blog design... it's so cute!

  3. I feel like a slacker since I'm not participating. Ugh.
    so much to learn, so overwhelming.
    What is a gravatar? That's how behind I am.

  4. You're background is very nice! It sounds like you have some good plans for the Bloggiesta. I think I'd be afraid to grade my blog!

  5. Wow! I xould never do all that stuff. I did change the colors and arrangement of my blog. My heart almost stopped doing that much. It was fun. Don't know if I have to sign up anywhere.

  6. Good luck on your goals :) ...hope your having a great bloggiesta weekend.


  7. I started late, too. I'm glad I'm not the only one! You've got a lot of good goals, one of which I need to add to my list. Good luck :)

  8. I hope you're getting a lot done!

  9. Better late than not at all if you have the time. Looks like you are moving right along!

  10. I had horrible stats the first time I graded my blog. I haven't tried it again yet, but we shall see what happens. I had been blogging maybe three weeks at the time, but I had fun. And I really like your design. I am a follower so I look forward to getting to know your site better. Have fun with Bloggiesta!

    (HA! only one exclamation mark, not counting the one I just put, or the one before that! lol.)

  11. I'm so glad that you learned so much during the bloggiesta last time and that you are excited again. Makes it all worth it too me. Good luck this weekend!