Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bloggiesta: Day 2 (Update: Giveaway)

Good Morning! I am diving into my second day of Bloggiesta and am looking forward to getting lots of work done on the blog. I need to focus today on writing content for the blog so that I am not scrambling all week for posts when I have little time due to work - let's hope I can get organized!

Yesterday was a lot of fun - this is my first bloggiesta on twitter and I feel so much more part of the party with all the tweets pinging back and forth! You can check out my starting line post to see my to do list and see the progress I made yesterday. In addition to those items, I have also added the following tasks:

  • Finish questionnaire for feature at Page Turners
  • Assess blog and set goals for the Blog Improvement Project Challenge hosted by Kim of Sophisticated Dorkiness and Jackie of Farm Lane Books
  • Expand review policy beyond "What I Don't Read"
  • Explore Stats further (I use hisstats but want to check out google analytics to see if it tells me something different - "data, baby, data")
Ok, I best stop there or I will never finish! Off to get the google reader under some semblance of control!

Good luck to all Bloggiesta participants - and join in if you haven't already!

Update: I am hosting a quick Bloggiesta Giveaway which will run from now until the finish line tomorrow at 8 am (eastern).

  • I am giving away my very gently used ARC of The Lost Summer of Louisa May Alcott (see my review here)
  • Leave a comment telling me about your best bloggiesta accomplishment so far
  • Please leave your email so I can contact you
  • Open internationally


  1. Hi Colleen! Google Analytic gives me more stats than I know what to do with! I highly recommend it!

    Thanks for visiting me! Good luck with Bloggiesta!

  2. Hi. My best accomplishment was heading over to interview my neighbor. We talked about it but never got it organized. So glad to cross that off my list.

  3. I have to second Miel's Google Analytics endorsement. It's so sleek and organized and easy to understand. It's definitely my favorite stats source.

  4. My best accomplishment? Watching everybody get excited over their blogs! As for my blog? Nada for me, too busy hosting. I need to do a personal bloggiesta for myself sometime. Thanks for participating!

  5. I have had so much fun! I'm almost done with my list! It's crazy! I'm so glad I figured out my copyright - which was waaaaaay easier than I could ever have imagined!

  6. I posted my contest and figured out Google Analytics!

  7. my greatest accomplishment would be getting all my past reviews organized and updating my review archive.