Thursday, January 14, 2010

Reviews, Reviews, Reviews . . . .

In the past week, I have been immersed in reviews of a different kind – year-end performance reviews for work (yes, I know it is already January and actually “Year Beginning” but we always seem to be on a delayed schedule around here!) I have completed a self-review, review of multiple direct reports, 360 degree review of my manager and lateral review of many colleagues. I have definitely reached a point where I have used the corporate speak in as many varied ways as possible as I try to describe the strengths and areas for development of my colleagues.

This exercise certainly makes me appreciate the pleasure that I derive from reviewing books – novels provide such excellent substance on which to comment. The characters, the setting, writing style, plot – there are so many aspects of a novel that can be incorporated into a review. But more than that is the joy in sharing a good book with fellow readers and having them share their opinions. Can’t get that from a year-end work review!

Book reviews, however, do not pay my bills, so back to areas for development, strengths, weaknesses, etc!


  1. My husband is doing these too and he hates them! I hope you're through with them soon.

  2. Having escaped years ago from the corporate world you have my sympathy-your blog is off to a great start

  3. Mel u - Thanks for your kind words about my blog. Hope you will continue to stop by.

    Bermudaonion - Yes - I am finally done! Won't have to deal with them again until mid year.