Friday, January 8, 2010

Bloggiesta - Update

Well, it's about 24 hours into the Bloggiesta here in India (I am traveling home today from my three week trip to India) and I am really enjoying the community that the Bloggiesta has engendered. I have started and completed my first mini-challenge hosted by Mother Reader - it is a comment challenge that is actually running from 8 Jan - 28 Jan in which participants are encouraged to read others blogs and make 5 comments per day. For the duration of Bloggiesta, the goal was to discover 10 new blogs and make a comment on each.

I really enjoyed exploring new blogs - below is a list of those I have discovered and on which I made comments:

Mother Reader (

Michelle's Masterful Musings (
The Book Lady's Blog (

Anais (
Age 30+ . . .A Lifetime of Books (
Letters from a Hillfarm (
Fyrefly's Book Blog (
Fizzy Thoughts (
The Betty and Boo Chronicles (

Book Chick City (

It's All About Books (

Ok - off to make the most of my current flight delay and get some more on-line Bloggiesta stuff done!


  1. Congrats on 24 hours of bloggiesta fun, and welcome to the joy of book blogger community events. They're a great way to get to know other bloggers and get your name out there. Have a safe trip home today!

  2. What were you doing in India? I'm so jealous! Did you get to Kolkata (that's where I was born)?

  3. Are we supposed to keep a list?
    I would love to take a trip to of these days.

  4. Rebecca - thanks!

    Mitali - I was there for vacation. My friends and I took a 2 week tour of North India and then spent a week in Kerala. Unfortunately, we did not get to Kolkata. Have you been back often?

  5. This has been a great chance to find a lot of new (to me) blogs, including yours! I'm enjoying this - but probably not as much as a vacation in India.

  6. I love challenges because it always makes you discover something new. I am glad I found your blog. Your blog has a list of wonderful books, some of which I know, and some of which I can't wait to read.
    p.s. I love NYC! you are so lucky you live there! :)