Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge: Best of Best

For Bloggiesta, Chelle from Tempting Persephone hosted the Put Your Forward Mini Challenge. In the challenge, she asks you to buff some old but good content that you would like to showcase.

I am new to book blogging (ok - new to blogging full stop) so my "old" stuff is relatively new but I choose three posts that I especially liked - the first is a review of The Anglo Files: A Field Guide to the British - this is my first review but it is also the one that brought me to book blogging. I initially did the review for a social networking site since I wanted to recommend it to friends - I discovered I enjoyed the experience of reviewing what I read and wanted to do more of it. Hence, my blog!

My second selection is not a review, but a Sunday Salon post that I wrote two weeks ago while on vacation in India. I selected this one because as much as I enjoy reading reviews on other book blog sites, I also enjoy reading other focused posts that tells me a little more about the blogger, their life and where reading fits into it. I think this post does that for me and I hope others enjoy reading it.

My final selection is a Booking Through Thursday meme response in which we were asked to provide our Best Books of 2009. I love reading other's lists because I always get good suggestions for new books and it was a good exercise for me to think through everything I read in 2009 and select the best. But what I most like about this post is the comments I received - I really felt the community of book blogging as people told me what they thought of my list, which they had read, which were on their TBRs etc. What a great conversation!!

SO there you have it - my best posts - so what if they represent about 15% of my total content so far!

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  1. I always have such trouble coming up with my own "bests" so good for you taking on the mini challenge. :-)