Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bloggiesta Finish Line!

It has been a great - and busy - weekend participating in Bloggiesta. What a fabulous event and so well hosted by Natasha of Maw Books. I learned quite a bit and got some work done on my blog (but not as much as I had hoped . . .). First up some stats:

Total Hours Spent
: 24 hours - many of them in airport lounges waiting for flights home. A non traditional blogging locale, but it worked!

Mini Challenges Completed: (*= challenge from last bloggiesta)
Goals/Accomplishments - Here is what I set out to do and what I actually did:
  • sprucing up blog layout - especially working on sidebars
- Added a search and feed widget and a recent comments feed to sidebar
- Had my blog analyzed on Website Grader - I only got a 38 which was demoralizing but at least I know where I stand and have baseline from which to improve. I will have to study more about how the score is derived so I can target future improvements
  • learning and implementing tips on staying current with my blog and others posts
- learned a lot from fellow bloggers especially from the mini-challenges and from posts such as this one from Farm Lane Books.
- Listed my blog on Fyrefly’s Book Blog Search Engine Index Page.
- Linked this week's reviews on
Saturday Review of Books
- Created a cheat sheet on google docs (gotta love google)
- Found 10 New Blogs through the comment challenge hosted by Mother Reader
- Added ScribeFire to my Firefox browser so I can opitmize my blogging
-Set up Google Alerts on my blog name and URL
  • write up reviews for books already read so that I can have some posts in reserve for busy
- failed on this one but I am blaming travel and jet lag :)
  • plan some blog topics/events/themes for 2010
- did get this done including drafting a list post a suggested in the Mini-Challenge from Beth Fish Reads

Loved Bloggiesta! Can't wait for the next one!


  1. I think you deserve bonus points for completing the Bloggiesta while traveling!

    Scribefire looks flipping sweet. That's the one thing I miss in my switch over to Google Chrome - the extensions aren't nearly as awesome or varied as Firefox's add ons. I'm going to have to poke around and see if anyone has created a blogging extension for Chrome.

  2. That sounds like a great way to spend your time in an airport! You got a lot done!

  3. You accomplished an amazing amount of work while on the road! Congratulations on a productive Bloggiesta!

  4. Doing the Bloggiesta while you were traveling, totally makes you the superstar of the weekend!!! I'm amazed. Fantastic. And good luck with your future blogging!