Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Salon: November 6, 2011

The Sunday

Today was a great day in the city - it's Marathon Sunday! The New York City Marathon took place today and spectators were out in force to cheer the more than 40,000 runners. I am lucky enough to have friends with an apartment right across from the 59th Street Bridge - they hosted a party and we had a great view of the runners as they crossed the bridge from Queens to Manhattan (about Mile 16). We enjoyed mimosas, bloody mary's and assorted brunch items while cheering the runners. I did head out onto 1st avenue so I could cheer for them from beside the course - I know how much cheering means to the runners! Here are some pics from the day:
59th Street Bridge
View of Runners From Party Location
Some bunnies (um, runners) hamming it up
Rounding the corner of 1st Avenue (catch the guy on left all in yellow)
In Case You Missed It

The Next 15 Minutes by Kim Kircher  This memoir chronicles the author's experience waiting for a liver transplant.  Kim Kircher is a ski patroller who uses her experience from the slopes to help her cope with the rollercoaster of her husband's health crisis.  The memoir is remarkably well written and will appeal to outdoor enthusiasts but also to those that just enjoy an inspiring, realistic read.

Falling for Me by Anna David Anna David spends a year following the advice of the iconic Helen Gurley Brown as she tries to find love (or least a sustained relationship) in the city.  This memoir hit close to home in many places but the author's wit kept things light enough for an enjoyable read. She discovers the secret to finding a man is not learning to roast a chicken or the right clothes but loving herself first.  Simple enough advice but not always so easy to do. 

I have been on a memoir kick recently but I want to give it a rest since I am a  voting member in the Biography/Memoir category of the  Indie Lit Awards.  Have you voted for your favorite books published in 2011 in this or any of the other categories?  There is still time - nominations are open until December 31st - but why not stop by today and nominate some of your favorites?

The giveaway for Out of Oz by Gregory Maguire ends tomorrow.  Enter for a chance to win!

Hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. Cool pictures of the marathon! Imagine taking Helen Gurley Brown's advice on finding love-that sounds like a fun read!

  2. What great photos of the Marathon -- looked like a nice day to run. Your gathering sounded fun! Hope you have a great week.

  3. Love the bunnies! I did the Savannah marathon on Saturday (am still sore) and partly listened to an audiobook but there was too much distraction around me. I loved watching the marathon when I lived in NYC but I was never lucky enough to know anyone on the route so had to go out and stand around in the cold. But it was fun anyway!

  4. I'd much rather drink mimosas than run a marathon! :-D

  5. Oh, and if you want to give away two copies of the Out of Oz, I'd be more than happy to mail mine off to someone! Just let me know...

  6. Love the pictures of the marathon--I'm definitely in the cheering category as opposed to the running category :)

    I've been enjoying memoirs lately myself--most recent one I read was Jacques Pepin's, which was so interesting. I was a YA judge for a few years in the Colorado Book Awards and really got a lot out of the experience.

  7. the marathon looks like so much fun! What a great event!

  8. Yay, marathon runners! Boo, I missed out on the new Gregory Maguire giveaway. Loved 'Wicked' was so-so about 'Son of a Witch' and could take or leave the third. Thanks for hosting a giveaway and awesome pics! A nice crisp day in NYC for the marathon.