Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday Salon: December 19 2010

The Sunday

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Just one week to Christmas!  I am really looking forward to my trip to Texas to spend Christmas with my family (and to my trip to Thailand on the 27th).  I have already heard that my nephew is looking forward to building a gingerbread house with me - he and I have built one on each Christmas we have spent together since he was about 3 (he is now 6).  I am not very artistically inclined so our houses have had middling success in the aesthetic department but its a fun time nonetheless.  And now it is a tradition which is what the holidays are all about, right?

Packing - grrr!

What I am not looking forward to?  Packing!  I have been procrastinating on this one now for days -  I have been accumulating items in my spare bedroom that need to be packed and the suitcase is out on the bed.  But not a single item is technically packed -  it is complicated because I am packing for two trips but I really need to get down to it if I don't want to be hurriedly tossing stuff into a suitcase in the wee hours of Tuesday morning.  In the typical pattern of the procrastinator, I have done many things around my task without actually getting down to it.  Today's avoidance technique - planning the books I will be taking on my trip!  So much more fun . . . . I will do a post on all the books I am taking with me before I leave but my current project is downloading books to my new iPad!  I am excited to have such a portable library for this trip.  Do you read on an e-reader?  What are the pros/cons?

In Case You Missed It . . .
This week I posted a piece about a talk by Colm Toibin hosted by the Tenement Museum .  It was a great evening and I had the privilege of attending another talk there this week - this one was with Pete Hamill.  I am a big fan of this author and was thrilled to see his topic for the discussion was immigration.  It is a theme in many of his books  - all of which would be great choices for my Immigrant Stories 2011 Challenge.   We already have some sign-ups (thanks!) and I hope you will consider joining the fun!

Have a relaxing Sunday and a good week!


  1. E-readers are probably perfect for traveling...I'm someday going to get one, but haven't yet. Still some technological issues to sort out...

    Have a great trip.

    Here's my salon:

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  2. Love my eReaders, but still read the dead tree books too. Traveling is the perfect time to have an eReader, since you can take your whole ebook library with you. And I love checking out ebooks from the library too!

    Have a great trip!

  3. I bet it will be awesome to take so many books with you on your trip! I'm getting a Sony Reader for Christmas and am counting down the days until I can download my own digital library. Have a wonderful trip, and a lovely holiday!

  4. I have a nook and absolutely love it, especially since they're always doing updates and the page flip is getting better and better. It is great for travel (although maybe not to the beach), but you can't read through takeoff and touchdown, so a paper book is still better for the plane. I especially appreciate it when I'm on the treadmill, since it lays flat, and the few times when I read in bed...for the same reason as don't have to hold it open. Also, the 24 hour access to the bookstore is both awesome and dangerous.

    Have a great time on your vacations! Can't wait to hear about Thailand!

  5. Texas!! I'm guessing it's a bit warmer down here than up in your neck of the woods (depending on where you're traveling to). Have a great holiday and I love the tradition you have with your nephew.

    I don't have an ereader and am kind of against them if only for the reason that I have SO many unread books in my home that it seems silly to go electronic at this point. Maybe one day.

    Enjoy Thailand!!

  6. I'm avoiding packing too. I'm trying so hard to pretend that packing doesn't need to happen before I head home later this week.