Monday, December 20, 2010

Review: Magnolia Wednesdays

Magnolia WednesdaysMagnolia Wednesdays by Wendy Wax is an enjoyable novel set in suburban Atlanta which tells the story of Vivien, a hard-driving journalist who left the South to pursue her career in the concrete jungle of New York City.  She looks with derision on the land of suburbia and feels superior to the women tending to homes and children.  That is, until she finds herself 41, pregnant and unemployed.  In desperation, she heads back down south to live with her widowed sister, Melanie, and her two teen children.  Things get interesting when Vivien takes a job reporting on life in suburbia under the pen name of "Scarlett Leigh" and begins investigating the death of her brother in law - all unbeknownst to her sister and the friends she has made in the 'burbs.

Wendy Wax has created quite an ensemble cast of characters in this book  - the main characters are Vivien and her sister, Melanie but there is also their critical mother, Caroline and the members of a belly-dancing class hosted at the dance studio owned by Melanie.  Each of the "supporting" cast members have their own stories which add a depth and interest to the book.  Like Vivien, they each undergo an evolution as the novel progresses and it is interesting to watch how they change.

Vivien, however, undergoes the most change - both physically and emotionally.  As her pregnancy progresses, she is surprised by the change in her shape and size but she also begins to notice a shift in her opinion of her suburban neighbors that she so harshly criticizes in her weekly newspaper column.  Slowly, she integrates into the community she has found in the 'burbs and she recognizes that there is life beyond the big bad city.

This book is a funny, entertaining read with just enough depth to make it a truly worthwhile read.  I wholeheartedly recommend it!


  1. This sounds like quite an enjoyable book, out of my norm but interesting. The cover is lovely.

    Great review.

  2. i love books with a good dose of humor in it. i'll have to look into this one. thanks for the review!