Friday, April 8, 2011

Deweys Read a Thon: Reading for Charity

Are you all ready for the Read a Thon?  I have placed my Fresh Direct order so I can have some healthy snacks on hand and have a pile books to choose from when I get reading tomorrow.  Like I did during the last Read a Thon, I will be reading to raise money for the Colon Cancer Alliance.  I will donate .10 cents per page read and .10 cents per comment received (so stop by and comment!) 

I am raising money for Colon Cancer Alliance because this disease has touched my family's life and those of some close friends of mine.  I have witnessed first hand the devastation colon cancer can cause so it is important to me to fund research for cures and efforts to raise awareness.

Are you reading in the 'Thon tomorrow?  Will you be reading for charity?


  1. Colleen, I'd like to help with your reading for charity event. I know you didn't ask but let us know how many pages you read. I'll donate .05 a page to the Colon Cancer Alliance for what you read. It's a good cause and my husband's grandfather died of colon cancer.

    And, no, I'm not reading tomorrow. Found out last year that this is just not my cup of tea. However, I'm loving being able to help out with donations. :-)

    Read a lot!

  2. wow, Kay - thank you SO much! That is so generous! I will definitely read lots tomorrow!

  3. What a good charity to read from! I love NYC and I am kinda jealous you live there! Anyway, good luck on your reading!

  4. I have actually never been to the city! Isn't that sad! My old college room mate is from Long Island so I've driven past it a few times. I love your charity, good luck reading and raising money! Thanks for the comment, I will stop by again later :)