Sunday, December 7, 2014

Sunday Salon: December 7, 2014

The Sunday

The Scene: 10:45 am  - back home in my warm apartment after taking Prince out for a blustery Sunday morning walk.  Despite being out for 90 minutes including a romp in the dog park, he is still running around me now with a squeak toy demanding attention.

 Reading: I was on vacation (I know, again, but all my vacation somehow got put off until year end) with the family for Thanksgiving week and I got some welcome reading time.  I polished off Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty - I couldn't put it down.  I enjoyed her last novel, The Husband' Secret, so was relieved that I also liked this one. I have decided to get back to some books that I put down over the course of the year but want to finish so right now I am reading The Wife, The Maid and The Mistress. 

Tortola, B.V.I

 Listening: While away,  I finished We Are Not Ourselves by Matthew Thomas and cannot say enough good things about it (review coming soon!) but I found myself looking for excuses to walk so I could get some listening in.  My cab fares are down and my Fitbit is very happy - thank you Matthew Thomas! On a serious note, I found this novel very affecting and know it will stay with me for a long time.

 Blogging: Thank you all for your comments on my last Sunday Salon post when I acknowledged that I am struggling with the blog and trying to decide whether to keep going with it.  I have recently had a writing streak and have a bunch of posts in the can ready to go so I am feeling more optimistic.  It's been fun revisiting the books I have read this year now that I am finally writing posts about them.  Last week, I posted a review of Americanah (audiobook).

Watching : Finally saw the Radio City Christmas Spectacular - I have lived in NYC practically my entire life but had never seen the iconic show with the Rockettes.  It was a wonderful 90 minutes and really put me in the Christmas spirit.  We started the evening with dinner at the Sea Grill which is on the ice at Rock Center and witnessed three proposals on ice during dinner.  The concierge told us during the season, there are up to 5 proposals each night and that there is an entire package offered by the rink that allows the proposal to take place on the ice.

 Looking Forward To: Another trip! I recently decided to go to Cape Town over New Year's - I have a friend working in South Africa right now and it just came together. I am looking forward to seeing her and seeing Cape Town again - I was there once before for work but it was a quick trip.  This time I am going to add a few days at Victoria Falls.  I love planning a trip!


  1. I was busy with my mom's visit so missed your post last week but understand your struggles.

    Your travels sound like so much fun!

  2. I just looked back and saw that I commented on your post last Sunday - that's how crazy my life has been! lol I sure wish we could get together to chat blogs!

  3. Colleen, I just read your post from last week. I think a lot of bloggers go through the same thing about continuing to blog or not. It seems I do - especially at this time of year. I took a few weeks off this fall to deal with some health issues and to just take a breather. I may do that more often (the breather part - hopefully not for health issues). I don't get paid for blogging so I think I can make decisions regarding how often or when I post.
    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Safe travels and have a great visit with your friend in South Africa.

  4. So much to comment on here... First, I loved most of the books you mentioned. Big Little Lies was my intro to Moriarty and now I'm close to the top of the hold list for The Husband's Secret. The Wife, the Maid, and the Mistress was a perfect vacation read last winter. And I absolutely loved We Are Not Ourselves in print - one of my favorites this year.

    We saw the Radio City Christmas Spectacular last year - such a memorable show! Sounds like the trip to Sea Grill added to the experience, too.

    My husband has been to Cape Town a couple of times and really wants me to go with him next time. I know it's beautiful, but it seems like such a long trip. Maybe you can convince me ;-)

  5. Isn't it funny how we just put off the things that our city offers? So many things that we have here that I've never enjoyed. Your trips sound wonderful! Glad the blogging is feeling better!

  6. My book club is reviewing Big Little Lies this Tuesday - I can not wait!

  7. I think we all go through dry periods in blogging, and it's really a very personal decision whether to continue keeping up with one when we're feeling sluggish about it.

    I'm jealous that you got to see the Rockettes. One day, I want to make it to NYC for that. One day. :-)

  8. Oh, I also loved the two Moriarty books...and We Are Not Ourselves. Wasn't that one fabulous?

    I also enjoyed The Wife, the Maid, and the Mistress...hope you do, too.

    Glad you are hanging in there on the blog...and here are MY WEEKLY UPDATES

  9. I loved Wife, Maid, Mistress and I really liked We Are Not Ourselves...such an emotional book. They both made my Best Debuts of 2014 list. Sad to say I'm maybe the only person that didn't like Big Little Lies...and that's the 3rd book of hers that I didn't like. I think it's all the mommy politics...drove me crazy!

  10. Oh wow, have a great time in Cape Town. That long flight should be a good time for reading. Glad you've been posting. and thanks for stopping by my blog. cheers.

  11. Okay. You are listening/reading some AMAZING books right now. In fact, they are on some of my favorites of the year. Enjoy!

  12. Sounds like a blissful vacation with good books too. I'm pleased that you're still posting.