Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunday Salon: April 13, 2014

The Sunday

The scene: Noon on Sunday morning reviewing pictures from a trip to New York Botanical Gardens yesterday.  It was the PERFECT day - the weather was amazing and the flowers were gorgeous. The orchid show is featured there now and they were stunning.

Reading: On the Rocks by Erin Duffy  - I really enjoyed this author's first book - Bond Girl so I am glad to  be reading her second book. It also has a beautiful beachy cover which is very appealing these days.
Earlier this week, I heard a review on NPR of Family Life by Akhil Sharma. I was very excited to see that the author will be at Center for Fiction tomorrow night - I will definitely be picking up a copy of this book there to read soon!

Blogging: This week I posted my review of Four Friends by Robyn Carr . Although not all the women resonated for me, it was still an enjoyable read and had more substance that I expected.

Watching : I am looking forward to the season premiere of Nurse Jackie tonight. I love Jackie's flawed but down to earth character and am glad the show is back.

Looking Forward To: The trip to Florida later this week - after the winter we have had and being cooped up while recovering from surgery, I am ready for some warm weather and sustained sunshine. The beach - here I come!

Grateful: That the weather has turned a corner here - I think we are finally out of winter - yay!.

Have a great week!


  1. Your photos are gorgeous; what a perfect day to visit the Botanical Gardens. I just finished On The Rocks, and I liked it almost as much as Bond Girl. I've also heard good things about Family Life; if I feel better, I may head over there tomorrow night.

  2. The Center for Fiction has some pretty amazing programs. Someday I'll time a visit and actually attend one of them. The New York Botanic Gardens are on my list, too.

    Enjoy your trip to Florida - we just got back last night and I miss the beach already!

  3. Those orchids are gorgeous! I've always wanted to try to grow orchids but fear I would kill them.

  4. Enjoy the beach! The flowers are gorgeous. I wish it were spring here but not quite yet. Have fun.

  5. Have a great time in Florida! I thought we were finally coming out of winter but there is snow in the forecast tonight and at some point here soon, I need to put on a coat and go cover my plants to keep them from freezing. Looking at those beautiful flowers gives me hope, though!

  6. I was excited to see Nurse Jackie again, too...she is such a flawed, but wonderful character. Those flowers look so velvety and gorgeous.

    Love the look of On the Rocks.


  7. Ever since I read The Orchid Thief, I have loved orchids and try to have one blooming always. Your pictures are gorgeous. My son goes to school in NY, and called home on Sunday to say what an absolutely beautiful weekend he was having (we had snow in Colorado!).

    Enjoy the rest and relaxation in Florida.

  8. What a beautiful place to spend some time. Have a great time in Florida. I was there last week on a girls' getaway - had a fabulous time. Hope you have warm, sunny weather :)