Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday Salon: March 23, 2014

The Sunday

The scene: Noon on Sunday morning after a long walk with with Prince. He is recovering in his new bed.

I have been keeping his hair long as a form of insulation but he's getting scruffy - time for a cut! 

Reading: Four Friends by Robyn Carr  - this is an easy read but the jury is still out on what I think of it.  Generally I enjoy books about women's friendships but some of these women are not resonating with me. It does, however, have some witty dialogue which I am enjoying. I recently finished Five Days at Memorial - what an amazing read (or listen in my case). The pacing in the book is excellent and it almost felt like a thriller rather than non-fiction.  The book gives you so much to think about.

 Blogging: It seems I am back to having issues posting regularly - my last Sunday Salon post was a month ago and the reviews have been few and far between.  I hoped to use my time off to bank some posts but that just didn't happen so I am still limping along here.  We'll see - I might need to re-evaluate blogging and if I want to continue to prioritize it. This week, in honor of St. Patrick's Day, I posted a review of one the many reads I did for the Ireland Reading Challenge - An Irish Country Girl by Patrick Taylor. I love this series and this book actually stands alone and doesn't need to be read following the earlier ones.

 Watching: My TV time has really tapered since I returned to work - not watching much on the tube right now.  I did go to see the musical Once last weekend - it was great! The music was amazing and you felt like you were sitting in bar watching it all unfold. I definitely recommend it. We topped that off with a trip uptown to Dinosaur BBQ.  I have wanted to go for awhile -their BBQ is legendary. I am back on solid food but still with some restrictions so I had to have a burger rather than some of the other meat offerings but everything smelled amazing. I will be back!

 Looking Forward To: A quick visit to Texas to see my brother, sister-in-law, niece and nephew. I am really looking forward to seeing them all again.  My SIL and I are doing a 5K (I will be walking it since I only just got cleared for exercise) on Saturday - the DFW Women Rock.  It looks like a lot of fun and I am excited to be back in the running world - it is something I have really missed.  I also start my "running class" this week at Jack Rabbit Sports.  Now that the weather is getting better (or trying to!) it will be good to get outside 2 nights a week for some exercise.

 Grateful: For the body's ability to recover - I feel better every day and am more grateful for what my body CAN do than I every was before surgery.

Have a great week!


  1. Aw, Prince looks just like one of the pups I used to dogsit. They moved to New Mexico, so I don't get to see them anymore. :(

    I, too, am not doing such a hot job on this whole blog posting business. Every weekend I intend to write a few posts and get ahead of the game, but I'm so busy trying to get ahead of the game in other aspects of my life, I'm always failing! I *want* to, but I just need more time, and more peace and quiet for that matter.

    Glad to hear you've made a good recovery - hope you have a great time in Texas!

  2. That Prince is too darn cute! I just finished Four Friends and was surprised by how much I liked it, it's not my usual type of book.
    Enjoy your time in Texas with your family.

  3. Oh my gosh, Prince is adorable! I'm sure he has you wrapped around his little paw! It sounds like your recovery is going very well!

  4. Adorable Prince! Enjoy...and I'm glad you are recovering and able to resume your activities. Have a great week!

  5. How sweet! He's a cutie!

    Yay Texas. I've always wanted to go there.

  6. Prince is so adorable that I can hardly stand it. I want to give him a gentle squeeze. I'm so glad that you're healing well and can do even more than you could pre-op.

  7. I have Five Days at Memorial on my nook and never got around to reading it. I hadn't heard much but did hear some negative which discouraged me from reading it.. So I'm glad that you enjoyed me! That makes me feel like I'll probably like it after all and need to make time for it!

  8. I really do need to pick up Five Days - where do you get your audio books from? Glad you're doing better!

  9. I'm glad to hear that you're recovering. Prince is a cutie!

  10. Feel better soon. ENJOY your week.

    Your doggie is cute.

    You going to the BEA?