Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday Salon: January 19, 2014

The Sunday

I have been struggling to get blog posts written these days and after reading Andi's excellent post on maintaining a successful blog, I have decided to try to improve my consistency and see if that keeps me on track a bit better. In thinking about maintaining consistency, I concluded that having an easy to follow format for some posts may make them less daunting and allow me to just GET THEM DONE!  So.... following the lead of Joanne of Lakeside Musing and Lisa of Lit and Life, I am trying a Sunday Salon post with prompts - I always enjoy reading theirs so we will see how this goes. I have customized the prompts a bit for me.

The scene:  11 AM Sunday morning, Prince and I are chilling on the couch taking refuge from the cold weather outside.

Reading:  I am currently reading Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah - this book has a wonderful winter themed cover and has been on my shelves forever so I am glad to have gotten to it.  It is an easy read which I am really enjoying. After that, it will be on to Love, Water, Memory by Jennie Shortridge on my e-reader.  I loved her book Eating Heaven so am looking forward to reading her latest.

Listening: After finishing Defending Jacob (which I loved), I have moved on to Stories I Only Tell My Friends by Rob Lowe.  It is narrated by the author and his voice is great.  Great company on the longer dog walks!

Blogging: Still struggling with consistency on the blog - I am way behind on reviews. I am excited for the two challenges I am hosting this year - Immigrant Stories is still going strong and for the first time I am hosting the Ireland Reading Challenge (formerly hosted by Books and Movies)

Watching: Looking forward to Downton tonight! Ahh, Sundays.

Looking Forward To: Surprisingly, surgery.  Now that I know I need it and have decided on the path forward, I just want to move on. I will be home recuperating and off work for at least 4 weeks. I think the blog will be quiet in the days following surgery but hope as I start to feel better that I can use some of the downtime to catch up here a bit. When I am not up to blogging post-op, I am sure I will still be dropping in on Twitter (@booksnyc), Instagram (Booksnyc) and Facebook (Books in the City) so please stop in there!

Planning: Like crazy for pre/post op later this week. I am wrapping stuff up at work so that I can be out for an extended period of time; prepping the apartment for my parents' visit (they will be staying and taking care of me).  I will be on a clear liquid only diet for 2 days pre-surgery and then liquids only for a while post surgery so I am ordering jello, protein powder, beverages etc. Fortunately, online shopping is my friend!

Grateful: For the support of family and friends and co-workers.  I know I will continue to rely on them in the post-op period.

Happy Sunday!


  1. I like the format. It seems to work well. I may try it one Sunday!
    Book Dilettante

  2. Did the format help? Good luck with the surgery and look forward to seeing you back in blog land once it's over and you're recovering!

  3. Your dog is SO cute.

    What are you having surgery for?

    I LOVE Rob's book/audio/narration. He's fantastic. That was a book I was sad to see end.

  4. I didn't realize you're having surgery. I hope all goes well. Keep us posted, please.

  5. Take care of yourself! Good for you for figuring out what's going to work for you and finding a place in yourself where you can actually look forward to it.

    I like the formatted Sunday Salon post -- reading it on other blogs and, especially, using it to write a quicker post.

    Joy's Book Blog

  6. Colleen, wishing you a successful surgery and speedy recovery. I trust u have plenty of reading material:)

  7. Great format! I loved Defending Jacob as well.

  8. Colleen, I wish you the best with surgery - so nice that your parents can be with you. ((hugs))
    I like the format! Re your books: I'm looking forward to the new Jennie Shortridge book because I also loved Eating Heaven. I also really liked the Rob Lowe memoir and thought he was the perfect narrator. I haven't read The Winter Garden but a few friends have and say it's their favorite by the author.
    I'll watch for you on twitter!

  9. First of all, good luck on your surgery!! I'm sure you will soon be back on your feet feeling wonderful.

    I listened to Rob Lowe's autobiography last year and loved it. I have a much greater appreciation for him as a person and as an actor, and I thought he did a great job narrating it. You are definitely going to enjoy it.

    Have a great week!

  10. I hope everything goes well with your surgery, Colleen. I'll be sending you lots of good thoughts! I'm sure your fuzzy little Prince will be a bright spot while you're home and healing.

  11. Hope all goes well with the surgery. It's great that your parents will be there to care for you… wishing you a very speedy recovery.
    I really enjoy this Sunday Salon post format, thanks for the shout out :)

  12. What kind of surgery? Hope it goes well. I just had knee surgery on Jan. 7 so I know all the jitters. But it'll work out. I'm already doing ok after 2 weeks. And you will too. cheers.

  13. Oh my, having that format makes life so much easier. And if I don't have something for a particular item, I just skip that one. Good luck with your surgery!

  14. Good luck with the surgery! It's good that your parents can come to look after you. My mom had a similar procedure, and it went smoothly. I'll be thinking about you. Take time to slow down and to recover. We can wait.

  15. Good luck with the surgery! Hope it goes all well! I know what you mean by blogging consistency. I struggle with it too but it's a good thing if you still come back to it after days of being away.