Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sunday Salon: July 7, 2013

The Sunday

In my June 23rd Sunday Salon post, I mentioned that I was soaking up the sunny, low humidity days in the city. Well, it is a good thing I did - since then, it has rained incessantly and now that the rain has stopped, the city humidity has come to visit.


 This takes reading on the roof off the table for a the time being. Now I am just glad to be basking in some air conditioning! I am sure after another week of this weather I will acclimate and be back to outdoor activities.


 In Case You Missed It
 - Despite having a four day weekend (or maybe because of it), I only posted one review this week:
Wedding Night (audio) by Sophie Kinsella. It was an entertaining listen by my favorite chick lit author

 -Last week I posted my review of Kate Kerrigan's sequel to Ellis Island, City of Hope. I loved this continuation of Ellie's story and it is a great immigrant story.  I will have a guest post from the author on the blog this week.

 - I also posted a review of J.Courtney Sullivan's Commencement which had me feeling nostalgic for my own college days

Hope you have a great week and are staying cool where ever you are!


  1. Heck yes it is hot in NYC today. I'm staying inside, catching up on my reading. I saw Dottie Frank at a book signing while on vacation in Rehoboth, she is such a hoot!

  2. Heat and humidity upstate, too, though not quite as bad as the city. Hope you get a break soon!

  3. We've been having rain for a month now and it has really gotten old. All the clouds have kept it much cooler than normal but I sure would like to see the sun.

  4. I was in NYC last weekend, and much of the time the weather was gorgeous. It did start raining at the end of the Pride parade Sunday. Still a ton of fun, though! I love the city :-D

    Here’s my Sunday Salon Post

  5. Ha ha, love that air conditioning pic. It looks very familiar to me as it's been in the 90's the last few days here. Humid too, blech.

    Here's to cooler days and great books! :D

  6. I love the ac pic today. Adorbs. I've been the same way.

  7. Lol - we are always saying "it's not the heat, it's the humidity" as we run from air-conditioned building to air-conditioned car. I've taken to eating breakfast outside as much as possible to enjoy the fresh air while it's not too miserable.

  8. Hi Colleen:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    I always love visiting your blog. It is PERFECT in design and posts.

    Hope you had a good four-day weekend.