Sunday, December 16, 2012

Virtual Advent: Would You Like It Gift Wrapped?

Kaliana from The Written World and Marg from The Adventures of an Intrepid Reader host The Virtual Advent Tour every year where participants post about the holidays - a favorite tradition, memory, food, whatever on their assigned day. Last year, I participated for the first time and blogged about my Christmas ornament collection. 

This year I am sharing a scene from a favorite Christmas movie - Love Actually. I first saw the movie in 2003 in a theatre in England - I spent Christmas with family there that year. For a lot of reasons, that Christmas was very special and I think the movie benefits from the halo effect of those memories. I just loved the connected stories, the music and the star-studded cast. There are many great scenes in the movie but perhaps my favorite is played by Rowan Atkinson - better known as "Mr. Bean". As a customer anxiously awaits his present which he is stealthily purchasing while his wife is in another department of the store, the shop clerk (Rowan Atkinson) painstakingly wraps the present unfazed by the urgency of his customer. It is a perfectly executed scene.

 I watch Love, Actually every year and remember that wonderful Christmas in England. I hope you enjoy the "Would You Like It Gift Wrapped?" scene! Check out the other Virtual Advent posts today:

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  1. I can relate to how certain movies do bring out special memories of our lives. I have a few of those....

    Love, Actually is a movie I own, but haven't watched more than once. Perhaps I should pop it in the DVD and see what happens. Thanks!


  2. It's my favourite scene from the film! :D (and Alan's been my favourite actor ever since I can remember)

  3. I watched Love Actually last night and I'm so glad I did. Snapes He's Severus Snapes ! I liked that scene too . It was sad that it wasn't a gift for his wife though. No bloody holly? what? lol

  4. We watched Love Actually on our wedding anniversary. Such a fun romantic way to celebrate the season.

    This scene always makes me laugh. Two great actors, there.

  5. I've never actually seen this movie but I keep hearing great things about it. I think it might be a good "date night" rental.

  6. There is something to be said for getting someone else to do the wrapping, but he would drive me crazy! I would have had to walk away.

    Fun post today! Thanks for participating in the tour.

  7. I love this movie! I keep asking my family to get it for me for Christmas and they keep telling me it's on every year so I don't need it! I love, love the young boy - his first love is spot on.