Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday Salon: April 22, 2012

The Sunday

Greetings from a rainy New York City - it has been steadily raining since late last night (I got caught out in the downpour last night) and I have not ventured outside all day. It has been a great day of catching up on laundry, cooking and reading since I was traveling for most of this week.

 I was in Denver for three days for a business trip - the meeting was quite good and I had fun with my colleagues. But the best part of my visit was the trip to Tattered Cover Bookstore in downtown Denver. As soon as I heard about this trip to Denver, I knew I wanted to see the bookstore. It can sometimes be hard to fit any downtime in around meetings, catching up on work and required "social" activities. However, two things worked in my favor - the Tattered Cover location in LoDo opens at 6:30 AM and I was on NY time so getting up early was a cinch. I was able to make the 25 minute walk to the store from my hotel before the day started. What a store! It has beautiful wood floors and displays of books dotted amongst the shelves of books spread over two floors. They also have a great cafe with a big assortment of snacks and items for breakfast and lunch, including many gluten-free items. I was able to get a gluten-free breakfast burrito and latte which I took to one of the many tables in the store and enjoyed while I perused some books. I, of course, picked up three books. They are pictured below along with two others I picked up on a second trip I made to the store before going home! This book thing is an addiction . . . .

 In Case You Missed It
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Finally, a winner!
The winner of a copy of Jane Green's Another Piece of My Heart is Debbie from A Library of Our Own! Congratulations Debbie, look out for an email from me!

Stop by this coming week for a review and chance to win Somebody to Love by Kristan Higgins  
Hope you all have a great week!


  1. The bookstore opened at 6:30 AM? Were there many people there at that hour of the morning? It looks like you picked up some great books!

    Congratulations Debbie!

  2. They open at 6:30??? That is so cool. Hmmm....might have to plan a trip to Denver. ;-)

  3. That sounds like a great bookstore. I never seem to have much luck finding independent bookstores by me, but I think I may have finally found one! Time for a bookstore trip!

    1. Are you on the Jersey Shore? Have you been to Booktowne in Manasquan? I haven't been there but it does look cute!

  4. Wow a bookstore that opens at 6:30 am?? That's cool! I've never been to Denver, but I'll definitely be headed to that store if I ever go!

  5. My thoughts exactly - a bookstore that opens at 6:30?! I could be there (and maybe even back home!) before I needed to get the kids up for school.

    I recognize some of the spines in that stack - I hope you love THE WEIRD SISTERS as much as I did, and I've heard great things, too, about THE ART OF HEARING HEARTBEATS.

  6. OK, I think we're all amazed at the opening time of 6:30. I have not ever been to the Tattered Cover, but if we ever get back to Denver, it's on my list. My daughter visited a college friend there some years ago and they made a visit to the bookstore. She brought me a coffee mug that has The Tattered Cover on it, along with their logo. I drink from it at least two or three mornings a week. Nice bunch of books too.

  7. I know - the 6:30 opening time floored me too! And there were people there at that time. I think the well stocked cafe helps - seems a lot of people were in getting their AM coffee and breakfast. Of course, I might never get to work if I stopped in a cafe within a bookstore every morning - I would be lost in the stacks!

  8. That looks like a beautiful book store! I'll have to check it out if I ever make it to Denver.

  9. What a fun store to find on a business trip -- something only us readers for rave about:)

  10. I've heard about this bookstore and hope to visit someday. Glad you got to sneak in a visit!

  11. So glad you enjoyed your trip to Denver and got to visit the Tattered Cover--one of our gems, for sure!

    I enjoyed The Weird Sisters when I read it last year--hope you do as well.

    I have got to start reading Salman Rushdie one of these days.

  12. YOu chose some very good books in Denver! Hope you enjoy them all!