Monday, February 13, 2012

Books with HEART

Happy Valentine's Day! Books make great gifts-  here is a selection of "heart" themed books to dig into on V-Day . . .

 For the Women's Fiction fan:

Skipping a Beat by Sarah Pekkanen
Heart and Soul by Maeve Binchy
Another Piece of My Heart by Jane Green
 The Home for Broken Hearts by Rowan Coleman

For the Non-Fiction Fan:

First Comes Love Then Comes Malaria by Eva Brown-Waite
Listening is an Act of Love by Dave Isay

For the Literary Fiction/Classics Fan:

The Art of Hearing Heartbeats Jan-Philipp Sendker
The Heart is a Lonely Hunter by Carson McCullers
 Child of My Heart by Alice McDermott

For the Chef:

 The New American Heart Association Cookbook The chili and pumpkin bread recipes are among my favorites  

What are your favorite books with "heart"?


  1. What a neat post! And actually I had wanted to add The Art of Hearing Heartbeats to my wish list and forgot about it so thanks for the reminder!

  2. Great Valentine's Day suggestions! :-)

  3. Nicely done, something here for everyone.

  4. Great list of books! Of those you listed, Skipping A Beat is my favorite.

  5. Thanks for the recommendations! I am a sucker for chick lit.

  6. Love your heart theme! Great idea -- and some great recommendations!

  7. A fun, "love"ly themed post :)

    Did you make the bookmarks at the top of the page?

    1. Thanks Dawn! I wish I was talented enough to make those bookmarks - if you click on the credit under the pic it will take you to the blog of the crafter that DID make them.

  8. Because of your recommendation, I picked up "Skipping a Beat." I'm reading it now and really enjoying it! I love the way the story is told in bits and pieces and the writing is stellar. Thanks!

    1. Great Lisa! The authors other books are good too so if you like this one there is more out there!