Saturday, September 24, 2011

Review: Trance of Insignificance by Jennifer Rainville

Jules Duvil is beautiful and intelligent and has recently embarked on a career in TV journalism in New York City. Despite her lack of experience in the field, Jules works hard and makes her mark. If only she could replicate the same success in her personal life. At the station she meets the network's "bad boy", anchorman Jack. Their relationship is passionate but fraught with volatility and conflict. But what motivates Jules to be successful professionally is also what draws her to Jack - her difficult upbringing in South Boston which has left her feeling as if she has something to prove.

Trance of Insignificance does a great job of balancing the fun storyline of Jules out on the town in NYC taking advantage of all the city has to offer and the darker, more serious storyline of Jules trying to overcome her past and navigate a difficult relationship with Jack. Diane of Book Chick Di says in her review:  

The book has a little Sex and the City feel to it; Jules spends time with her girlfriends, and there is a lot of label-dropping and fashion and relationship talk among them. There are also many New York geographical references- city dwellers will recognize the hotels, restaurants, streets, and landmarks mentioned throughout the book.
I agree with Diane's assessment and certainly enjoyed those city scenes in the book. At the same time, I like the reality of her storyline with Jack and especially her visit to her Mom in Boston. Her history in Boston does seem like an aspect of the book that could have been more fully developed and would have helped the reader understand Jules and her motivations even better. If you are looking for a sophisticated chick lit read, pick up Trance of Insignificance!

About the Author: Trance of Insignificance is self-published and the author, Jennifer Rainville, talks about her journey to get this novel published on her blog in this post. I found her story of trying to get the book published compelling and it, in part, convinced me to read it. I would love for this book to get more exposure. If you are a blogger and are willing to read and review this book, please say so in the comments and I will mail my copy to the first one to request it. 


  1. I've never really read a book about a journalist but this one sounds great!

  2. I need "sophisticated chick lit" every once in a while. This one sounds like fun! I like books that evoke a particular place well.

  3. I'm always looking for good NYC books and this one sounds good. I'm going to check out that post by the author!

  4. I love anything that's set in NYC and this one sounds pretty good!

  5. This sounds interesting; I like the the fact that the two story lines are different in tone. I'm interested in the author's journey to get this published.