Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: Why I Love Book Blogging

Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by Broke and Bookish, is about the reasons we love book blogging and is in celebration of the blog's one year blogiversay. They have a great blog with quality content and I especially like this weekly feature - check them out!

So, with about 18 months of book blogging under my belt - the top ten reasons I love book blogging:

10. Creative Outlet:  I work in a decidedly unliterary field (pharma R&D) and my job involves a lot of analysis and logical thinking with little room for creativity.  I love to come home to my blog where I can exercise my more creative side.

9. Challenges: I was thrilled  to discover challenges when I started blogging - participating in them asks me to stretch my reading horizons - not unlike the summer reading lists of my schooldays.  I liked challenges so much I started my own this year - the Immigrant Stories Challenge

8. New to me Genres: Before book blogging, I read no YA (well, except when I was a YA), but reading all the excellent reviews of the genre from fellow bloggers who also read adult fiction, has lured me in and I realize I was definitely missing something by not reading the genre.

7. Audiobooks: another thing I had never tried before blogging but now is essential in my "reading" life.  I never thought I would enjoy having a book read to me but how wrong I was - in the car, enroute to work via subway and most recently while lying in bed after LASIK surgery when I couldn't open my eyes, audiobooks have been lifesavers and allowed me to enjoy even more stories!

6. Authors: Prior to book blogging, I don't think I had ever interacted directly with an author, but I have learned how much I enjoy learning about their motivation to write their book and the real person behind the (often) fictional world they create.  A highlight for me this year was meeting the lovely Beth Hoffman, author of Saving CeeCee Honeycutt: A Novel, at BEA this year.  Her generosity and kind words about how much book bloggers have meant to her as an author overwhelmed me.

5. Discovery: In addition to discovering new genres, I have also discovered new authors (and their books) this year that I likely would not have been exposed to without book blogging.  One such author is Aine Greaney - I loved her book Dance Lessons (will be in my top ten this year) but I am not sure it would have come to my attention if I hadn't been book blogging.

4. Twitter: There are days I should consider this a curse considering the amount of time I lose to it but I love how it has expanded my "online" social circle

3. Book Recommendations: Fellow book bloggers have made some of the best book recommendations and by reading their blogs I can judge whether or not our tastes are similar and how likely I am to like what they liked.  They have also saved me from some snoozes . . .

2. Bookish Events: From BEA to author signings to receptions at publishing houses, I have had the pleasure of attending some great events in the time I have been blogging.  It is great to be surrounded at these events by people who share a love of reading

1. Community: Speaking of being surrounded by people who share a love of reading,  the #1 reason I love book blogging is the amazing community that exists within the world of book blogging.  From the outset, people have been welcoming, encouraging and have taken an interest in me as well as what I have to say about books.  That, my friends, is priceless.

What do you love most about book blogging?


  1. Colleen, this is a great top 10 reasons to love book blogging. I supect many of us would share your #1 reason. :-)

  2. Great list, Colleen! I agree with you on everything, especially getting book recommendations from other bloggers and the sense of community.

  3. I agree with your previous commenters -- you have written a very eloquent list!
    I love being able to indulge my passion for talking about all things bookish -- and my husband gets a rest from all the book talk :)

  4. Fantastic list. It's so great you've managed to find a creative outlet you're missing at work. Like Kay said, I think your #1 is going to be on most people's lists, but it's such a pivotal reason, how could anyone leave it off?

  5. I still haven't discovered the coolness of Twitter. I know it is there. I just need to experience it, I suppose, a little more.

    Here's my list of Ten Reasons I Love Being a Book Blogger.

  6. I loved reading your list and found myself nodding in agreement--sense of community is the #1 for me as well. I love talking about books and there aren't many people in my immediate circle who share the passion for words that I do.

  7. I think community is my favorite part, but I love everything you mentioned!

  8. Colleen:

    I love, love, love your blog! I'm a new follower. I'm so glad you commented at mine so I could find yours.

  9. Thanks BookBelle - I really like your blog too and am glad I found it through Indie Reader Houston's meme!

  10. I second all of those! I love that you list both reasons you enjoy blogging and reading other blogs. It's such a wonderful community:-)

  11. Hi!
    This is totally off subject. I've finished the Immigrant Stories Challenge. My wrap up is posted at my place. Have a great day!

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