Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Salon: March 27, 2011

The Sunday

It's been some time since I have done a Sunday Salon - in fact, Spring has arrived since I last posted a SS. Or has it? Although the sun is out here (and that is lovely) it is COLD! So much for "out like a lamb" - it seems like March is leaving like a lion!

Bookish Events 
There are a few events coming up that I am excited about:

Dewey's Read-a-Thon: This event takes place twice a year and is a time to dedicate yourself to reading for 24 hours - what is not to like? The best part, in my opinion, is that the read-a-thon allows reading to become a bit of a social activity  - there are mini-challenges and cheerleaders so it really builds that sense of community that I like to much about book blogging. During the last Read-a-thon, I read for charity and donated $ to the Colon Cancer Alliance for pages read and comments left during RAT.  It really gave a purpose to my day and I will be doing it again.  Will you be joining in the Read-a-Thon on April 9th?

BEA and Book Blogger Con:Book Expo America takes place in NYC May 24-26 and the Book Blogger Con follows it (in the same location) on May 27th.  I signed up for both this week - woo hoo!  I tried to attend both last year - I figured since the events took place in NY, how hard could it be to get cross-town?  Well, work turned into a nightmare in the weeks before the event and I ended up only making it over for BBC.  BBC was excellent - an opportunity to meet fellow book bloggers and listen to experts in the field talk about various aspects of book blogging.  Unfortunately, I was dashing in and out of the sessions trying to cover telecons and answer urgent emails.  I have blocked the days at work and barring any crises intend to fully participate in both BEA and BBC.  I can't wait to welcome you all to my city - are you planning to attend BEA/BBC?

Have you heard about the IndieLit Awards? The Independent Literary Awards were started by Wallace of Unputdownables in 2010.  Literary bloggers nominate books in a number of categories (Biography/Memoir, GLBTQ, Literary Fiction, Mystery, Non-Fiction, Poetry, Speculative Fiction) and they are judged by a group of panelists per genre with winners selected in early 2012.  Nominations are accepted from literary bloggers from September 2011 through December 2011 so keep an eye out for those 2011 books you want to nominate.  I will be on the team voting on Biography/Memoir led by Florinda from 3 R's Blog and my fellow panelists include Alyce from At Home With Books, Candace from Beth Fish Reads and Nadia from a Bookish Way of Life.  You can check out the voting members for other genres and keep up with information about the awards at IndieLit Awards or follow on twitter at @indielitawards

Reviews and such
Things have been light in the review department of late - I have actually been doing a lot of reading but have had some writer's block.  Things are starting to get unstuck so expect to see more here soon!  This week I posted my review of Faking It by Elisa Lorello (w/ a fun giveaway) and on Thursday (3/31) author Aine Greaney will post on my blog regarding immigration; I will post a review of her second novel Dance Lessons: A Novel.  I am excited about this book - it takes place in Boston and Country Mayo, Ireland.  My Mom is from Country Mayo (as is the author) and its great to see the West of Ireland featured in the novel.

Hope you have a great week!


  1. I'm still on the fence about Read-a-Thon this time. I have a commitment that evening, and I've been having eye strain issues, so I'm having to take more frequent reading breaks than usual, which means the whole Read-a-Thon idea just sounds tiring right now. I may join in informally, without doing a post of anything.

    I AM going to BBC/BEA, for part of the week anyway. I thought about going last year but decided against it, but I've got some vacation time, and I'm using it! Yay!

  2. The readathon should be really fun :-) I can't wait. I hope you have a great time at BEA!

  3. These are all things to be excited about. I going to New York for longer this year, so I'm hoping to get to see more of BEA (I was only there for an afternoon last year), and some sightseeing. We'll see how much I actually get to do.

  4. I'll have to start sweet talking my way into the read-a-thon. I did it once before and it was fun. But then I had so many reviews to write. I shall have to see. And I think March is confused!! He is acting like qute the little lion!

  5. Right now I am planning to do the Read-a-thon. Hopefully I get more accomplished than I did in the last one! Enjoy your week!

  6. I will be at BBC too so I am really excited to hopefully meet you!

  7. you're lucky you already live in nyc! i hope you have a blast at bbc and bea. i was planning on going there this year, but i'm going to a friend's wedding in hawaii instead.

  8. @toothbooks - as much as I know BEA/BBC in NYC will be great, I can guarantee that a wedding in Hawaii will be MUCH better! Enjoy!

  9. So frustrated here. I had every intention of doing the readathon, then my husband invited his mom for the weekend. I was going to BEA this year but now the person who I was going to stay with is going to Italy instead. Can't really blame her for that! But still....

  10. oh Lisa - sorry you are having bad luck in the scheduling department! Maybe another BEA roomie with come up? If you do make it, it would be great to meet you!