Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sunday Salon: April 4, 2010

The Sunday

I am a little late getting to TSS today - it was an absolutely beautiful day here and I spent much of it outside enjoying the lovely weather. After a long walk down to Battery Park City, a friend and I enjoyed a delicious lunch at Friedman's in Chelsea Market. As I sit writing this post, I can feel my hamstrings starting to ache from the walk but it was well worth it!

This was a slow week on my blog . . . work has been insane and I am struggling to find time to read and blog in the midst of it all. This excellent post on controlling the obligations of book blogging so you ensure you can still derive pleasure from reading and blogging really helped me keep it in perspective. Thanks Caribou's Mom!

Here is what did get done this week . . . .

Have you seen the Spotlight on Bookstores feature on Dawn's blog - She Is Too Fond of Books?

I discovered this feature recently and have found some great local bookstores to check out on my travels. This week Dawn featured a post I wrote on my favorite local bookstore - Housing Works Bookstore Cafe. Check out Dawn's Spotlight on Bookstores feature to find a great bookstore in your neighborhood or in any town you plan to visit soon!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend and a great week of reading ahead!


  1. And your Jackie O post was the winner of the mini-challenge! If you'll email me with your address, I'll send you your prize. fizzybeverage at gmail dot com

  2. Sounds like a good week - its ok to be busy and let the blog go for a bit, its sometimes the only way to stay sane :-)

  3. Your bookstore post was excellent. I'll be in NYC in a couple of weeks and will have the address handy - hope there will be time to drop by (buy??)!

  4. Congrats on winning the NYC mini-challenge for your post on Jackie O! And, THANK YOU for writing that wonderful post about Housing Works ... it's on my list to visit (and shop and snack at!) in May.

  5. Love the bookstore link - thanks for sharing. I LOVE Housing Works! Argosy is pretty spectacular as well, as far as bookstores in NYC go. Lots of rare/used stuff, so it's more of a browse than buy store for me and my limited budget, but if you haven't been, you should go!

  6. Got 2 wonderful blog links from your blog...thanks for sharing..and slow week? so what, it's your blog, do it on your own time..

  7. What a great idea Housing Works Book Store it. I think something like that could totally work in Omaha--we've got just the right area for it.

  8. We’re enjoying that fine weather too. It’s so nice to be able to read outside again. It was an excellent post at Caribou Mom – thanks for the link. Good to hear that more bloggers are promoting independent bookstores.

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