Saturday, December 5, 2009

2011 Immigrant Stories Challenge

I am the child of immigrant parents and have a real interest in immigrant stories.  The more I paid attention to it, the more I realized that there is a broad selection of immigration stories out there - from immigration generations ago to modern day immigration from and to new lands.  So I decided to start a challenge which focused on immigrant stories . . . . announcing Immigrant Stories Challenge 2011!

The only requirement of books for this challenge is that they must include an immigrant story - this includes stories about immigrants, the immigrant experience, and children of immigrants (first generation). Remember -  there are immigrants to and from all countries - the challenge is not limited to the American immigrant experience. 

How many books do I need to read for the challenge?
There are 3 levels for the challenge:

 Just off the boat
: 1-3 books
 This Land is My Land? : 4-6 books
Fully Assimilated: 6+ books

Include your level in your sign-up post but you can go up from your initial post if you find you are reading more immigrant stories

What types of books are eligible? Only fiction?  How about audiobooks?
All types of books are eligible - fiction, non-fiction, short stories,  audiobooks, e-books.

Other details?
Re-reads are acceptable as are cross-overs with other challenges

Any book suggestions?
You can find recommendations for books that cover the immigrant experience here - this is in no way comprehensive but will give you a start.  I will keep the link updated with titles suggested by all the participants.

What are the dates for the challenge?
January 1, 2011 - December 31, 2011.  You can sign up anytime but there will be a chance for a prize for everyone that is registered by Dec 31, 2010

How do I sign up?
Go here to sign-up and put one of the buttons below on your blog

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